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Dance to lift your energetic vibration

Dance for fitness, cardio, and heart health

Dance to relieve depression

Dance with your soul, allow blessings of being present with source energy to flow through you

Dance to boost your energy levels

Dance to stir joy

Dance in the sunlight to detox and illuminate

Dance to reconnect with your feminine energy

Dance to heal

Dance to cope with life &


Dance for healing chakras, it opens them, clears blockages, repairs, rejuvenates, harmonizes, and balances the energies for a full circle healing effect.

Dance for an overall aliveness

Dance to boost your immune system, Dance to bust a cold!

Dance to forgive. Release blockages due to resentment.

Dance to release anger and tension

Dance to frolic, play for inner child play time.

Dance to feel your light, yourself, your soul. This centers you in your vibration.

Dance to floss, Puff around sassy, confident, and fun!

Dance for laughs, get goofy, enjoy, and let loose!

Dance to heal emotions. Grief, fear, and disease

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